Are you a military veteran man who has transitioned to the professional domain as a business owner, executive, or entrepreneur? If so, this could be the MOST important message you will ever hear . . . and it could just save your life.

Achievement in the business world is not easy. You’ve got to hustle, grind, scratch, and claw your way through obstacles to overcome limitations and reach success. It’s a dog-eat-dog arena where only the toughest survive. 

But guess what the stats say about vets who have pivoted toward business? We DOMINATE. The simple fact is, we military veterans possess characteristics that, on average, FAR surpasses our non-veteran counterparts.We have more self-discipline, stronger work ethic, superior focus, greater resilience, better attention to detail, and experienced leadership. We’re also more courageous, punctual, reliable, accountable, and are committed to whatever needs to get done. We were MADE to thrive in business. 


Unfortunately, the very same traits that make us so successful can also lead to our downfall. We can be so driven to be successful that we can easily neglect our health. And the stats don’t lie:

We vets are far more prone to health problems than our non-vet counterparts. We have greater incidences of obesity, diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke, cancer, and post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) than non-vets. We are more prone to experience substance abuse disorders and mental health issues. We are also four times more likely to have sleep apnea than non-veterans. To top it off, veterans are 1.5% more likely than non-vets to kill themselves.

Since you’ve been out of the service, does any of the following resonate with you: 

  • Has your physique become the very “fat body” you used to disdain?
  • Are you chronically sleep-deprived and frequently low on energy?
  • Is your temper always at the edge and ready to go off like a frag grenade?
  • Has your sex drive tanked?
  • Do you feel brain fog?
  • Do you experience a constant feeling of anxiety and dread?
  • Do you experience an ongoing feeling of shame?
  • Have you lost your self-respect?

You may be hustling and grinding with your new career . . . and you could making a name for yourself as the hard-core vet who gets shit done and makes things happen . . . but if you are not living up to your potential as a healthy, strong, and vital human being, you are wasting your potential. And if you are failing to live up to your potential, you are repeatedly eroding your self-worth and destroying your self-respect each and every single day you fail to listen to your inner voice. It’s that inner voice—or possibly God’s voice—that is telling you to “get off your ass and do something about it.”  

Perhaps you’ve tried every diet under the Sun. You may have wasted thousands of dollars on gym memberships. You might have tried all the best books and courses. Maybe you’ve even hired a personal trainer. Yet, the change you’ve been looking for continues to remain out of reach, maybe even more out of reach with each passing day. 

What you need is a NEW approach. Something DIFFERENT. Something that cuts through the bullshit, holds you accountable, and can help you to finally RECLAIM your Strength and Self-Respect. What you need is a little help from a fellow vet who understands what you’re going through and who can help you navigate through the weeds to get you where you want to go.

Well . . . NOW is your chance.


Welcome to OPERATION PHOENIX. This is where military veteran men go to transform their lives when all else fails.

This isn’t your typical self-help program that encourages you to nurture your inner child and accept yourself just the way you are. You won’t find any “life coaches” here. OPERATION PHOENIX is a high-level Human-Performance coaching and consulting program designed by experts in Regenerative Medicine, Sports Nutrition, Performance Psychology, and Strength and Conditioning. 

Our Unique and Powerful Framework is specifically designed for driven, type-A businessmen like you who’ve served our country and who are ready to reclaim—if not surpass—the mental and physical standards of your military prime. This is THE SOLUTION you’ve been searching for, the ULTIMATE Transformation Program tailor-made for you, the vet.

THIS is your chance to make your comeback. THIS is your chance to earn back Your Self-Respect. And it might just be the BEST shot you’ve got.


If you are a military veteran like me, your visit here could lead to the MOST impactful transformational experience you have ever had. And it could just save your life.

Hello. My name is Darius Creed. I’m a peak-performance coach, military veteran, and the CEO of OPERATION PHOENIX. The reason I’m having this talk with you right now is because I’ve seen and known far too many of my fellow vets who have lost their way, and I want to do something about it.

A lot of men who joined the military began their careers as proud patriots in the best shape of their lives. But at some point, after leaving the service, they got caught up with the obligations of civilian life and allowed themselves to slip with their self-discipline.

Consequently, these previously fit and vital men became tired, fat, and old. They’ve gotten lost in self-sabotaging behaviors. Most importantly, these formerly proud warriors reached a point where they are no longer living up to their own standards. They have lost their self-respect.

If this describes your situation, I understand the challenges you’re going through. I understand many of the struggles you may be facing with your health. Most importantly, I understand the physical and psychological toll this experience could be having on you.

How would I know? Because I’ve been there. And I can show you how to restore your health, reclaim your self-respect, and become the man you were always meant to be.


Welcome to OPERATION PHOENIX, where veterans rise from the ashes to reclaim their strength, health, and self-respect. I’m Dr. Catherine Divingian, AKA “Dr. D.” As a proud veteran and our company’s Chief Medical Officer, my objective is clear: to guide my fellow vets back to the top-tier vitality and self-discipline they had when they served our country—and beyond. 

Having served in the US Navy and now the Army Reserve, I understand the physical toll that military life takes on the body. I also know what it’s like to be broken in spirit. Fortunately, I now know what it takes to overcome these challenges.

I’ve gone from a laundry list of injuries after I left the Navy—including the use of a wheelchair—to becoming a nationally ranked bodybuilder. I went from being an average skinny-fat gal in my 30s to being a lean and chiseled athlete who continues to crush my workouts into my 50s today. 

I frequently run into other vets, often younger than me, who tell me that they don’t have the time to consistently exercise or eat clean. Many of them have channeled their drive into the professional arena where their time is filled with work obligations. With an exceptionally “high op tempo” of my own, I can tell you that it truly is possible to maintain healthy habits no matter how busy you are. 

I’m a practicing Emergency Medicine physician who also provides coaching and consulting services. In addition, I have my out-of-town military reserve obligations each month. Despite my demanding schedule, I’ve found powerful strategies that help me to train and eat healthy, even when I’m on the road. These methods are the backbone of our coaching services, and it would be my honor and pleasure to share them with you. 

So, when you’re ready to live your life at full throttle, we are just the DIs you need to help you get back on the saddle. Gear up, because it’s time for a health revival! Are you ready to rise?

Psychological & Behavioral Performance

Physique Transformation

Physical Fitness & Athleticism

Health, Vitality, and Longevity








Very few trainers and coaches limit their services to men. Whether they hold one-on-one meetings or group sessions, most programs will cater to both men and women. If the goal is to simply teach, this is generally not a problem.

However, for the purpose of developing a cohesive culture, the co-ed approach often misses the mark. Generally speaking, men and women possess very different psychologies and hold very different values. This is particularly evident when masculine men are shamed for their “toxic masculinity.”


We are among the few coaches who do NOT toe the line of mainstream societal expectations. We do not give a DAMN about being politically correct, nor do we have any intention of attacking men for their masculinity. Quite the opposite. We celebrate manhood.

In OPERATION PHOENIX, men are free to be themselves and embrace their warrior ethos. This leads to a tight-knit culture of men who have a deep understanding of each other and who hold respect and honor—both for themselves and each other—in high regard.


The typical trainer or coach has little experience working with veterans. And few have served in the military. Consequently, they do not understand the psychological and physical challenges veterans may be struggling with, nor do they understand the military mindset which differs greatly from most non-veteran civilians.


Our coaching team is 100% composed of all military veterans. No exceptions. Because it takes a veteran to understand a veteran. Having served in the Army and Navy, as well as several years attached with the Marines, we have a deep understanding of military culture from both the enlisted and officer ranks. This alone sets us apart from other coaches.

With our multidimensional expertise, veterans receive the most effective coaching possible. Simply put, there are no performance coaching programs in existence that can cater to the military veteran professional quite like OPERATION PHOENIX.


Most trainers and coaches are limited to their single area of expertise such as diet or exercise science. Life coaches usually have more skill sets than most trainers, but their broad expertise tends to be basic, lacking advanced knowledge.


Our team has received extensive education from a variety of complementary fields. In addition to multiple fitness certifications, the lead coaches of OPERATION PHOENIX have been trained in advanced communication techniques, health- and performance-based psychology, environmental health, and nutrition.

Moreover, this program includes the in-depth experience and expertise of a physician, Dr. Catherine Divingian (“Dr D”), who provides insight into regenerative medicine strategies. Combined, our multidimensional skill sets have shaped our coaching and consulting services to maximize client results in ways that cannot be duplicated.


Too many coaches limit their research to the prerequisites of their credentials. Or they may regurgitate information from popular mainstream sources.

Most fail to keep up with the latest scientific data. Consequently, much of their knowledge becomes outdated.


We are constantly honing our skills as health and fitness coaches and peak-performance professionals. Because the data behind exercise science, nutrition science, performance psychology, and regenerative medicine is constantly evolving, we make it a priority to evolve as well. We are always on the hunt for the latest research findings in support of our commitment to biohack longevity and human performance.


A significant percentage of coaches lack well-structured program designs and can often be found prescribing random, arbitrary routines with little regard for scalable improvements. Their lack of structure fails to cater to military veterans who thrive under these conditions.


OPERATION PHOENIX was founded with the primary mission to investigate human potential and take client health and performance to the highest possible levels. This can only be achieved through scientifically measured, goal-focused, personalized programs that facilitate continued incremental gains in progress.

Our coaching and consulting services are ideally suited to the military veteran business professional who thrives under this structured and highly organized model of progressive development.


Only a small number of coaches consistently track their clients’ data. Consequently, progress assessments are often unreliable or based on subjective perceptions.


We make every effort to track relevant data during every session. This meticulous attention to detail allows both coach and client to recognize areas that have shown improvements, as well as areas that require adjustments and alternative approaches.


Statistically, most clients seeking to improve their health and performance will fail to reach their target objectives. Trainers and coaches know this.

So, they tailor their clients’ programs to keep expectations low (perhaps moderate at best). Consequently, clients are typically encouraged to be “reasonable” in their goals and to celebrate modest results.


Our company name is called OPERATION PHOENIX for a good reason: We DETEST mediocrity. We are never interested in “average.” This is because we make it our MISSION to provide only the very BEST results possible.

Prospective clients looking for marginal outcomes are encouraged to find other coaches elsewhere. Under OPERATION PHOENIX, we expect the best and give the best.


When it comes to mindset, there are a lot of coaches who employ odd methods that may have you scratching your head in bewilderment. They may want you to jump up and down and pump yourself up with the sounds of motivational cheerleading or have you tap into the ethereal and enter altered states of metaphysical nirvana.

That might work for some hippies looking for a good time, but it’s probably not what you’re looking for in a solid transformation program.


Unlike a lot of woo-woo programs out there, we take a real-world approach that is unabashedly pragmatic and results-focused. Our methods are based on scientifically supported data obtained from the fields of sport (performance) psychology and neuroscience, concepts taught to the world’s greatest athletes, competitive fighters, and business professionals.

As military veterans, we are all part of a practical culture of men who prefer a no-bullshit approach that cuts through nonsense in a way that gets the job done. And THAT is how we roll.


A lot of trainers and coaches assure their clients that they don’t have to train too hard or too much and that they can eat whatever they want. They want you to believe that transformation should be as comfortable as possible.

Consequently, these “experts” lead their clients into a false sense of security that prevents them from ever achieving health and performance beyond any level outside the ordinary.


If you’re a military veteran, there’s a reason you chose to serve, and it wasn’t because you wanted things to be easy. OPERATION PHOENIX is not for those who want to be comfortable. That is not where growth occurs. In the unlikely event that’s you, we advise you to leave this site immediately because our services are definitely NOT for you.

Don’t misunderstand. We make transformation incredibly SIMPLE and EFFICIENT, much more so than most.

However, this program is based on a foundation of discipline, hard work, and self-accountability, characteristics sadly lacking in the vast majority of soft and weak civilian-run programs available today. In an era that welcomes mediocrity and encourages the path of least resistance, we stand apart by embracing the warrior ethos.


There are plenty of trainers and coaches who have years and even decades of experience. But there are far, far more who do not.

How frequently have you observed or spoken to personal trainers and nutritionists who look like they just finished college? The vast majority of experts in these fields do not remain in their professions for very long, and so their experience tends to be quite narrow.

More often than not, their knowledge is limited to the textbooks they used to help them obtain their certifications. And their experience is usually restricted to what they were authorized to provide in a commercial gym or spa. Not impressive.


OPERATION PHOENIX was built upon a foundation of experience that was literally DECADES in the making. Creed has 24 years of experience training and coaching veterans to transform their minds and bodies and is one of the best unconventional researchers of human performance today. His insight makes his coaching simply unbeatable.

Dr D is a physician with 15 years of experience as a scientist and professor. She is also an author of numerous books and publications and is a former nationally ranked bodybuilding competitor.

Collectively, our combined knowledge far surpasses the limited experience of many trainers and coaches within this space. With more experience comes better results in less time.


A lot of trainers and coaches are very prescriptive with the new disciplines they recommend. However, very few have any strategies on how to expand the time needed to implement new habits such as food prep, scheduled exercise, and optimum sleep.

It’s just assumed that clients will simply figure it out. That approach might work for people with a lot of time on their hands, but it’s not the most effective way to disrupt old patterns of behavior that have become firmly rooted into the routines of busy professionals.


We understand that personal transformation imposes a heavy demand of time, and time is a luxury very few high-achieving business professionals have much to spare.

Fortunately, the coaches of OPERATION PHOENIX are masters of efficiency, and we have ensured that the most effective time-expansion strategies have been built into our programs for maximum client success.


Most trainers and coaches have a cookie-cutter plan with expected outcomes based on a simple formulaic view of their clients’ progress. But how many of these well-intentioned professionals plan for times when life throws their clients’ a curveball? Very few do.

Why? Probably because doing so acknowledges that they cannot offer the perfect program. But no such program exists. Without any contingency plans, the best laid plans will inevitably run into obstacles that will blindside even the most committed individuals.


We at OPERATION PHOENIX are driven to produce the very best outcomes possible. Yet, we are realists. We know how life operates. We recognize that adversity may sometimes stand in the way. We also understand that there are times when even self-improvement may take a backseat to matters of greater importance.

Although our programs are designed to embrace Spartan discipline, we have contingency plans in place to ensure that when unexpected set-backs interfere with progress, we know how to seamlessly get our clients back on the saddle as quickly as possible so they can continue to crush their transformation milestones no matter what.


How many trainers and coaches have suffered through the same physical and psychological struggles their clients have faced? Do they understand what it’s like to be obese, chronically tired, or plagued with debilitating health conditions?

You may be fortunate to find a trainer or coach who has overcome such adversities. But it’s hit or miss. Those who have not gone through what you are facing may not have the insight needed to help you stay accountable or overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of your transformation objectives.


We are among the few coaches out there who know what it’s like to suffer through obesity, weakness, lethargy, and debilitating health conditions. We have earned our transformations through trial by fire.

These foundational experiences give us an unfair advantage over other coaches who lack the firsthand experience needed to mentor clients to overcome their perceived limitations.


“I know what it’s like to be out of shape . . . or at least the WRONG shape!”

Over the past several decades, Creed has devoted literally thousands of hours to researching human potential, both in body and in mind. It is his passion, his identity. He is also an avid practitioner of his craft and loves to test his mental and physical abilities in a never-ending quest for personal transformation. A significant part of his passion lies in sharing his knowledge with anyone willing to take action toward improved health and fitness peak performance.

Yet, it wasn’t always an upward trajectory of self-improvement. Like anyone else, Creed has had his fair share of pity parties and self-sabotaging behaviors. At one point, during his 30s, after a particularly difficult period in his life, he skipped out on regular exercise, routinely indulged in comfort foods, and allowed himself to become tired and fat.

“I lot of clients don’t feel they can relate to their coach, nor do they feel that their coach can relate to them. Because it takes one to know one. They don’t feel like their coach can truly understand what it’s like to struggle through obesity and all the challenges associated with it, both physical and psychological. But I understand. Because I’ve been there.

“Fortunately, this was a temporary setback. I eventually reached a point where I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and decided to apply the principles I had learned to restore my health and transform myself back into the fit and healthy man I once was. 

“The experience, while far from positive, gave me a personal understanding of the kinds of inner challenges that obese people go through. This perspective provided a template for duplicatable transformational success, one that teaches others the same mental secrets and health and fitness strategies I used to transform my own life.”

Darius Creed